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NFoTo debuts member works at the Nano Art Market

NFoTo artists release new collections on the Nano platform

The NFoTo collection makes its debut with the Nano Art Market platform in its first edition. "For us, it's critical to collaborate with self-organizing and/or self-managing groups, and Fhox is one of those groups - it's a super current way of doing things, in fact, the DAOS (decentralized autonomous organization) are the word of the day," says Thomaz Pacheco, gallerist and founder of OMA Galeria and Nano Art Market.

The NFoTo community is home to 16 talented and visionary photographers who create art in a variety of photography styles. These talented artists' collections are listed alphabetically below.

In January 2023, we will officially launch with exclusive conversations to present the works and artists in this collaboration between Nano Art Market and NFoTo. "I am excited to see these works debut and to have the opportunity to share art and the best of blockchain photography in Brazil. I'm glad to see some of the artists making their debut in NFT photography" says Leo Saldanha from NFoTo.

I want to thank and congratulate all of the photographers who took part in this project. Thank you for your trust and I will do my best to ensure that the works are seen and appreciated (and that they attract collectors). Thank you for the opportunity and collaboration, Nano Art Market. Being with these artists on such a respected platform among so many artistic styles (not just photography) is rewarding.

If you want to be a part of NFoTo and the next collection with Nano, send an email to or click here: NFoTo - blockchain photography

Armando Abdias

Vanilla and strawberry de Daniela Romanesi

Vermelho Divino de Jefferson Figueiredo

Rinaldo Coelho

Semiótica do Olhar Tátil - 5 - Antonio David

Foto: Cristiana Motta

Solitude 2 - José Luiz Nunes Neto

Foto: Alê Bruny

Mandala Lux Nova 8.1 de Adriana Barsante

Foto: Paty Ottoni

Adrenalina de Lilli Meira

Vivência - Sobrevivência de Sandra Audujas

Outono 4 - Marcio Paulo

Flow&Co - 3 de Érica Olbera

Moringas para Iroko de Fausto Junior

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