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From Books to NFTs: The Photographic Journey of Dudu Contursi

Dudu Contursi is a Brazilian photographer who has a long and successful career in photography. He is now venturing into the world of NFTs, where he has works in the NFoTo collection, a platform that promotes braazilian photography as art

Horseman by Dudu Contursi

A high-level career in photography now in a new phase with NFTs

Dudu Contursi inherited his grandfather’s, Carlos Contursi, passion for photography. He had his first contact with advertising photography in 1996, at Dennis Magalhães’ studio. He graduated in Advertising and Marketing from PUC/RS in 1998. There he had Fernando Bueno as his teacher of advertising photography.

Football game by Dudu Contursi

In 2004, he was invited to join the project “São Paulo - 450 years in 24 hours”. The invitation resulted in a partnership that lasts until today. He has already published more than 20 books in collaboration with the Bueno family. In his latest photographic work “Neoclassical Architecture in Porto Alegre - a historical and critical revision”, he also did the graphic design, art direction, image editing and pre-printing of the book.

Brooklyn Bridge by Dudu Contursi

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Photography and Visual Arts of Canela and of the Board of Directors of ARFOC/RS 2018/2020. He is also a member of ARFOC Brazil, FENAJ (National Federation of Journalists), IFJ (International Federation of Journalists). Besides being a photographer, he works with image manipulation, an art that he learned from masters like Alexandre Keese, Al Hamdan and Jack Davis. With more than 20 years dedicated to photography, he has in his digital collection more than 90,000 photos!

See more in the NFoTo collection by clicking here >>> NFoTo Collection - Collection | OpenSea

See more in the NFoTo collection by clicking here >>> NFoTo Collection - Collection | OpenSea

Ionic Column by Dudu Contursi

Old Tractor by Dudu Contursi

Dove Beach by Dudu Contursi

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