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NFoTo Collection: Showcasing the talent and diversity of Brazilian photography in the blockchain era

The NFoTo Collection is a project that brings together renowned Brazilian photographers to display their work in a collection of blockchain images (NFT). There are several photographers from various parts of Brazil with original images of the greatest quality, demonstrating the importance of Brazilian photography to the rest of the world.

The NFoTo Collection seeks to promote and sustain Brazilian photography in the blockchain era by bringing together artists and collectors who value the beauty and diversity of this art form. Landscape, portrait, documentary, abstract, and other genres are represented in the collection.

The NFoTo Collection began as a course in May 2022 and has since grown into a community of 80 photographers from diverse areas exploring the possibilities of this new technology. The collection is stored on a platform that allows anybody to use bitcoins to purchase, sell, and collect digital art.

Observation Tower #1 - Sonia Gouveia

What exactly is blockchain photography? It is a relatively new field, with blockchain photography gaining momentum and space since 2021. Today, it is one of the most profitable and expanding sectors of the universe, involving art, technology, and collaboration in unprecedented ways.

The NFoTo Collection offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore and appreciate the work of Brazilian photographers who are pioneering and creatingin the digital world. It is also a means to assist them advance their careers and reach new audiences and markets.

The NFoTo Collection is more than just a photo collection. It is a movement that recognizes the significance and promise of Brazilian photography in the blockchain era. If you'd like to learn more about the NFoTo Collection, please click here.

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