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Marcio Paulo: the artist who turns challenges into beauty with NFT and AI

Atualizado: 29 de jun. de 2023

The photographer and NFoTo member talks about his passion, his experiments and his vision for the future of photography

Speed #1 by Marcio Paulo

Marcio Paulo is a photographer who transforms chaos into beauty through art. He creates high-level projects with photography. Check it out and follow: Marcio Paulo▪︎Economia Criativa e Criatividade (@marciopaulo_art) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

Marcio Paulo started in photography in 2014, with the dream of traveling through the Northeast of Brazil, through a documentary project, to capture the beauty of the people and be the voice of those who “have no voice”. This dream has not yet been realized.

His work is defined as a particular way of transforming chaos - inner and outer - into beauty through photographic techniques, as well as other experiments.

Speed #3 by Marcio Paulo

"During my stay photographing athletes in Alto da Boa Vista / RJ in 2021, I tried the photographic technique called Panning to try to express the energy and speed of the athletes as they pedaled down those streets at high speed in the middle of the forest. Several times, when I was distracted by observing nature, they passed by me like a missile, a blur of colors" Marcio Paulo

He entered the NFT world because of his passion for art, technology and innovation. He sees NFT as a way of combining these passions. He also sees it as a great portal of transition for photography, when it comes to copyright. Technology has been changing over time and photography has been following these changes. Thus, he, as an artist, also needs to follow this evolution.

SPEED #2 by Marcio Paulo

His works are part of the NFoTo collection, a community of photographers who are exploring the potential of NFT and artificial intelligence for photography. NFoTo is an initiative that aims to foster innovation and value for brazilian photography in the new era of the internet.

If you are passionate about photography you can find amazing works that combine NFTs and art, and you will have the opportunity to acquire them as collectors or learn more about them as artists.

See more of the NFoTo Collecion here >>> NFoTo Collection - Collection | OpenSea

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