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Karla Noronha: a sensitive and creative artist in the NFoTo Collection

Learn about the journey, the art and the vision of Karla Noronha, a Brazilian photographer who is part of the NFoTo Collection

Mutation by Karla Noronha

Karla Noronha is a multidisciplinary artist from Brazil, who expresses herself through photography, design, education and entrepreneurship. In her art, she creates touching and sensitive projects with her own perspective on current issues. She is also involved in blockchain photography since 2022, with NFT collections and works. In this blog post, we will introduce you to her vision, her art and her new phase in web3.

Freedom by Karla Noronha

Karla was born in Crato, Ceará, Brazil and currently lives and works in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil. She has a master’s degree in communication from the Federal University of Paraba, is a Graphic Design student at the IFPB, has worked as a teacher at the UFPB and FPB in Social Communication courses, has been a photojournalist and has taught photography courses at PRONATEC, and has taught a course and a photography workshop at SENAC/PB.

Look at me by Karla Noronha

Karla believes in the power of this new phase of web3, which is about communities, collaboration and the importance of causes that make a difference in the lives of artists and people. Art is part of her life. With awards and participation in numerous exhibitions, Karla creates fine art photography, always looking to record and develop projects with cultural manifestations, street photography, artistic and self-portrait themes. She is part of a photographic collective Brincantes de Imagens, where she conducts research as well as individual and collective photographic production.

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We asked Karla some questions about her creative process, her inspiration and her goals.

Here are her answers:

NFoTo - What are you looking for when you create images? What message or effect do you hope to convey through your works?

Karla Noronha - I try to show my sensitivity and perception of the people and places I photograph in order to reveal the essence behind the pattern. In the self-portraits, I hope to expose female universe experiences and feelings in order to encourage reflection on the role of women in society.

NFoTo - You are a teacher, photographer, and perform other duties. What do you enjoy most about this rush?

Karla Noronha - The ability to create and recreate with photography as a tool. Then comes the opportunity to share my experiences and demonstrate to others and my students the importance of facing fear, experiencing creation, and resignifying one’s work. This allows me to stay up to date on technological advancements, and the arts have strived to keep up with novelties and new trends.

NFoTo - What is your career ambition, and what do you hope to achieve by 2023?

Karla Noronha - In 2023, I want to publish my work on more NFT platforms, become more involved in the communities in which I work, and create a web-based project3. Now I see how important it is to strengthen the bonds I established last year.

If you want to know more about Karla Noronha and her art, you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter or her website (see bellow). And if you want to acquire her NFT photos and support her work, you can check out the NFoTo Collection: NFoTo Collection - Collection | OpenSea

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